Why did you feel motivated to open your own nail shop?

 To be honest, I didn’t feel like there was anything in my community that provided me with the experience and customer service I was looking for. If it wasn’t the lack of hygiene or the harsh smell of chemicals, it was the quality of the actual services. I never really left a nail salon feeling 100% confident or even satisfied. Fast forward, a thousand mani & pedi’s later, I remember sitting at home with my hubby, Fredy, when he asked -- “what if, you were to open your own nail shop and redefine the entire market?” And right at that very moment, my hubby sparked that entrepreneurial spirit of mine and Luv Nail Shop was born!

What is your mission with Luv Nail Shop?

My mission is to redefine the market, create a self-luv haven for the modern woman (and gents too, of course), and highlight the importance of living a conscious and nontoxic lifestyle.

Who do you feel luv nail shop was inspired by?

Definitely, the modern woman who's not just mani & pedi obsessed, but who also feels she doesn’t have to compromise her nail shop experience over the quality of services, and can still have it all –- that picture perfect self-luv day where she can walk into an aesthetically chic nail shop full of good vibes, is attended with luv, feels feminine, fully pampered, relaxed, and gets to choose from a number of non-toxic nail polishes and products currently out on the market for her mani & pedi!

What are some of your long-term goals?

Spread the LUV and expand our locations! I also want to tap into the nontoxic and self-care beauty product market pretty soon, so stay tuned for that! I can't wait to share all the details once we have everything finalized!

"LUV is a modern nail shop inspired by conscious living and created on the importance of self-luv. Our founding mission is to create a self-care haven where you'll feel gorgeous, confident, and like you're right at home the moment you walk in" - Founder & CEO, Vanessa Altman