Our Story


Luv is a modern nail shop inspired by conscious living and created on the importance of self-luv.

Our founding mission is to create a self-care haven where you'll feel gorgeous, confident, and like you're right at home the moment you walk in.

Luv was created for the modern woman who makes a conscious choice every single day to make self-care a part of their daily routine, who knows that self-luv isn’t selfish but necessary. 

We are redefining the nail market. We understand that there should not be a need to compromise any self-care experience over the quality of services.

We want to give our clients some amazing self-luv days that are surrounded by aesthetically pleasing environments, good vibes, luv, femininity, pampering sessions, relaxation, and conscious and nontoxic products.

We believe
self-care and
self-luv are a need in today’s lifestyle.